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Need the player to input a code number? Maybe you’re making a security lock, a hacking device, an ATM, an iPhone interface? It sounds like an easy thing, to make a numeric keypad UI, but making it work anywhere, using easily editable data from a spreadsheet, placed anywhere you like, well … for $5 you’ll save a few days of scripting and testing. Anytime you want the player to enter a pin number or code to proceed, you can summon up this handy keypad UI and let the player enter 4 digits which are checked against a master set populated by the game designer. The keypad code values, and which have been completed, save and load automatically per game session, and automatically populate to placed actors in the scene.
– a basic data table for key codes which can be edited in UE4 or by CSV
– placeable keypad actor, whose name can be manually defined or automatically populated from the data table per game session
– complete functionality for saving and loading up to date pin code data
– optional random pin code offset per keypad so pins are unique every game session
– triggered pin code hinting to provide a keypad’s expected solution, also ready to expose the required pin code to other BPs
– optional obfuscation of user input, comes as UI toggle
– text-based feedback for user actions
– elegantly simple, animated UI graphics you can easily re-skin
– UI sounds for each interaction and feedback
– minimal sample scene, very easy to migrate to any project



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